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Cover Letter Writing Tips

A cover letter should always be sent along with your resume. Think of your resume as a movie and your cover letter as the trailer that makes people want to see it.

In your cover letter you want to show your employer that you're:

  • Qualified for the position
  • Confident about your abilities
  • Excited about the idea of working for the company
  • Stand out among the other candidates

You want to give the employer a few reasons to want to look into your resume and call you in for an interview.

In your cover letter:

  • Quote the competition number and title and tell how you learned about the job
  • Use keywords and action verbs, where possible, not the same ones used in your resume
  • Highlight your relevant qualifications that match the job
  • Include information that shows you have researched the job and company
  • Stress what you can contribute to the company

Additional Tips:

  • Keep it short, no more than a few paragraphs and no more than one page.
  • It is always best to send your cover letter to a specific person. Phone the organization to find out who that person would be for the position you are interested in applying for.
  • Write the way you speak. Avoid stuff, formal words and phrases.
  • Limit the number of sentences that begin with “I”.
  • Make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Make sure to use a computer to produce a clean, typed copy.

For additional information on writing cover letters and for an example Cover Letter Template, please download our pdfTips for Writing Cover Letters document. 

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